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@veteran-x honestly, it’s like what you been saying they taking a new approach to Pokémon games. It looks so realistic where you can just sneak up to a Pokémon and just throw the pokeball or battle it to catch it. The only thing I’m curious to see is what kind of battle system that they are going to implement within the game. Is it going to be like the classic battle once a battle begins or will it be more of an actual fighter game system like poken battle. 

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@mightymisfit right, I really like the fact that GameFreak is trying something new from the regular formula. PL Arceus has the potential to be something incredible with the realistic open world approach. I hope that Nintendo is helping them out as much as possible because I don't have the confidence in GameFreak to do this by themselves. They only have like 140 employees!! 

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@mightymisfit well you see. I play Temtem 24/7 so i wouldn't have time for anything else anyway 

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